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Understanding Your Credit Score

Credit Score Scrambler
Hello Rookies!
We all want to score big in life.  A good place to start - your own credit score.  Credit scores affect more than you may think.  Getting free money by signing up for a new credit card - you will need a good score for that.  When visiting a car dealer great loan financing rate offers are dependent on - credit score.  Trying to get a home loan or even renting can all depend on - credit score.
With the multitude of ways a credit score can impact your daily life it should be a priority to know what exactly goes into calculating that number known as your credit score.
 Private companies such as FICO and VANTAGESCORE calculate your credit score and provide this information to interested parties such as lenders
You have multiple credit scores - as different companies calculate it
FICO scores - used most often - range from 300-850 with 850 being the best  760-850 Excellent Credit 700-759 Very Good Credit 660-699 Average Credit 620-659 Poor Credit 619 or less  Ve…

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